Some Old Stuff + Future Plans

Recently just set up a page featuring the honors components I did my last two semesters. If you want to dip your toe in Calculus of Variations, I recommend looking the paper on geodesics. As for the other paper on quaternions though, I’m not too particular fond of it, but feel free to browse that if you wish as well.

Having used up my school’s math curriculum yet sticking around another semester, I need to put things into my own hands from here, so I’ll be dedicating my summer to studying from Chapter 0 by Aluffi (Abstract Algebra and some Category Theory) and General Topology by Willard. Should be fun!

As some light-reading on the side, I’ll be taking a good look at these as well:

  • Cryptography: Theory and Practice by Stinson
    • Not much of an applied mathematics guy, but the subject was sort of appealing when I took it in my discrete math class and studied a bit about cryptosystems. I doubt I’ll get farther than a chapter deep (which is 45 pages in of this 600 page book).
  • First Concepts of Topology by Chinn
    • This book is dedicated to applying concepts of Topology to proving the existence theorems. Looked really darn cool. It’s not too big (~150 pages) and doesn’t seem too dense, so should be a fun read on the side.

Well, that’s all I have in store. Definitely expect future posts based on these readings. 🙂

Although aside from studying from the books above, my summer is mostly going to consist of walking back and forth between the gym and my desk (and the fridge, got told I need to “bulk” to get bigger, so essentially means I must stuff my face a fair amount daily).

As for why you see no mentioning of going out with people, my best friend went off to Parris Island for marines boot camp ~9 weeks ago, so ever since he left I sort of gradually stopped socializing. Can’t complain, I get a lot more done this way, but I do really miss our silly adventures.